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"Who or What The hell did this..."

"..It's clearly not really safe to go on without arming myself."

you decide to pick up the gun near the dead marine.

"Only bout' 4 shots left... Other gun was oddly empty."

You walk into the closest room, which was... Unsurprisingly, an armory.

"It's About time."

You get out of the armory and finally try to find out what to do next

"feels good to be armed and geared up, but something's really wrong here.. where is the rest of the crew?"

"I'm gonna have to hopefully find the ship's AI or somebody who can tell me what the hell is going on right now."

As you start making your way over to the bridge. You notice the lack of blood or bodies, like the ones you saw earlier. You continue walking, you see the planet your ship has been drifting towards this entire time through the window.

"Where the hell are we..."

You've finally made it into the bridge, still no sign of any bodies or blood, but there's a blue light from the holo-table filling the room with this glow. You're gonna try to contact the ship's ai through the table's interface an-

AI: "Who is it..." "What is your name..."

Coonella : "Coonella , ID C-765"

AI : Wait a second... C-765? What the hell are you still doing on the Globedawn?

AI : "You know Everybody left You behind.. right? As soon as Everybody saw the planet, We were attacked almost instantly. You gotta get the hell off of this ship and find us a way back home C-765."

AI : "Of course taking Me with you would be really dangerous due to some wacky protocols.. but I'm pretty sure you don't care."

"Pick up my storage chip and Let's get out of here, I've got one escape pod ready to fire!"

After following the AI's instructions, you both make it to the pod bay's entrance...

Right after the door crushed the alien, you quickly walk up to it's Body.

Coonella : "What the hell was that thing?"

AI : "You're welcome C-765"

You walk through the door and find a body right by the pod door, it looks pretty mes-

AI : "Hey? C-765 You can look at dead bodies later. Get us off of this ship..."

You nod and decide it's finally time to get in the pod



A.S.F. GLOBEDAWN Terminal 356-g(223.510.25.642>